Luxury bracelets that empower people to own their life experiences,
to be proud of who they are, to feel motivated when they need it most
and to create opportunities to share their story!

By wearing one of our bracelets, you are not only bringing your truth forward, but you create opportunities for connection - within yourself and with others.
We started this company because we wanted bracelets to have a deeper meaning and wanted to create connection in a world that seems so very filtered and sometimes disconnected! 
The continuous stories we hear from our valued customer’s is absolutely amazing! Each day we make a positive impact on someone or some conversation. How incredible!
Each customer uses Lifelet products differently. It can be reflection piece, a goal setter, a motivation provider, a mediation device or a healing tool. Sometimes, it's all of it! I value each person's individual take on our products and I am proud of what it's accomplished so far!

"It's MORE than a bracelet!"

It's MORE than a bracelet! Think of it as a meaningful tattoo on a luxury piece of jewelry. It’s a bracelet with your chosen symbols representing impactful life experiences and/or intentional goals. Each Lifelet comes in a selection of colours/ sizes and makes the perfect gift for you or someone else!

It's beauty & strength! This bracelet is heavier and is designed to calm and relieve your stress and anxiety. Feel grounded when you wear this bracelet and notice a positive shift in your personal stress and anxiety levels!

It’s motivation on your wrist! These bracelets are designed with has 8 motivational words based on the specific type of motivation you are looking for. These bracelets will motivate and inspire you when you need it most!
It's motivation on your wrist, specific to a cause! These bracelets are designed to bring motivation to anyone facing the cause, no matter what part of the journey they may be on or for anyone who is supporting the cause in some way. These bracelets have powerful words and are designed to empower the wearer wherever and whenever they need it!
It's being proud of who you are & who you support! These bracelets are designed for anyone who wants to express what they are proud of or who they are proud to support. The colours and symbols are chosen to represent and proudly showcase the meaning behind these bracelets!