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Proud2Be - PRIDE Bracelet

Proud2Be - PRIDE Bracelet

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It's being proud of who you are & who you support!
This bracelet is designed for anyone who wants to express being proud or anyone who wants to support, PRIDE. This bracelet has the 6 colours from the PRIDE rainbow. Each colour holding a deep meaning in which the symbols remind you of what the colour stands for:

Red = Life (Tree of Life)
Orange = Healing (Heart with a scar)
Yellow = Sunlight (Sun)
Green = Nature (Leaf)
Blue = Harmony (Ying Yang)
Purple = Spirit (Spirit in hands)


• Lightweight and hypoallergenic.
• 10mm round metal beads.
• Symbols are laser engraved into each bead.
• Double-secured flexible elastic.
• Elegantly presented in our signature green bracelet box.
• Includes a laminated card with the details about the bracelet.
• To maintain bracelet, simply wash with soap & water


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