Bracelet Sizing Guide

Measuring your wrist is the best way to determine your correct bracelet size and is simple to do!

· X-Small:   133mm - 143mm   /  5.23”- 5.62”
· Small:      144mm - 156mm  /  5.63”- 6.14”
· Medium:  157mm - 168mm  /  6.15”- 6.61”  **
· Large:      169mm - 181mm  /  6.62”- 7.12”
· X-Large:   182mm - 193mm  /  7.13”- 7.63”
    ** Standard size
 · There is one bead difference between each size. 

 · Most females are a small or medium size.
 · Most males are a medium or large size.


Measure the circumference of your wrist by using a measuring tape. You can also use a thin piece of paper or string (not stretchy) and wrap it around your wrist. Ensure that it is snug against your wrist, but still comfortable. Use these to find the circumference of your wrist and measure the results once you take it off. Please email us at if you need any assistance with sizing.

This option is currently unavailable due to Calgary self-isolation
If you are located in Calgary, you can try on sample sizing at our pick-up location before making your purchase online here:
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