Care Instructions

Lifelet Corp. has established high standards in design, materials and craftsmanship. Consider taking care of your Lifelet products the same as your clothing: With some simple basic care, you can preserve and protect your Lifelet for a lifetime of wear:

• Remove when doing heavy work or sports activities.
• Avoid contact with harsh chemicals.
• Do not wear along with other very heavy wrist wear.
• When not wearing, store out of direct sunlight.
MAINTENANCE: Simply wash with mild soap & water, rinse and air dry.

If you ever need your Lifelet product restrung, we are happy to provide this service FREE OF CHARGE, however return shipping costs do apply. Additionally, if you are located in Calgary, Alberta, you may drop off your product to our pick-up/drop off location at Liz & Lottie. To coordinate this service by either shipping or drop off/pick-up, please email us at